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Domiciliary care services

Supported living.
Semi-independent living for young people.

Rafah Healthcare provides 24-hour high quality support alongside accommodation for young people aged 16-25, including unaccompanied minors with complex and diverse backgrounds, through a Person-Centered Approach.

Our aim is to provide a safe and homely environment that promotes empowerment, independence and choice, whilst enhancing the young persons’ daily living skills (ADL), enabling them to move on to a less supported setting. Our primary interest and responsibility are the safety, wellbeing and development of young people we work with.

We provide safe, well located and well managed accommodation and comprehensively trained, experienced and committed people with the ability to deliver effective support for Looked After Children.

Girl in Wheelchair

Our support operates 08:00am to 20:00pm 7 days a week, as well as waking nights or sleep-in from 20:00 to 08:00 to meet the needs of those we work with. We also provide management On-Call Services for Out-of-Hours Care and Safeguarding cover. We take great pride in ensuring young people have a safe, decent and stable place to call home from which to build the skills they need to progress to full independence. We have highly trained key workers and support staff who provide support – generally a minimum of 3 hours per week – inspiring engagement and responding to young persons’ needs this is done by getting them engaged in developing their own Support Plans.


Our staff support and guide young people as they develop life skills required to sustain genuine independence and fulfil their potential. We have an Independence Skills Programme that is designed by, with and for young people exiting a care environment.

Management and staff also have a great deal of experience working with ‘unaccompanied minors’ and excellent knowledge of the legal framework, and experience of working with specialist agencies and other stakeholders involved in supporting those seeking a safe place they can call home.

Some of our support might include attending Solicitor’s appointments and Asylum & Immigration Tribunal hearings, hospital appointments for example.

What we offer:

Semi-Independent Accommodation

Person-Centred Support

We provide support to young people living in accommodation as well as others living in other accommodation, sourced independently (floating support). Housing pathway with varying types of accommodation to meet the needs of young people recently made homeless or those nearing complete independence.


Who do we work with?

Supporting people with Autism & Mental health conditions

Support is focused on eight areas: 

  • Accommodation

  • Work and learning

  • People and support

  • Health

  • How you feel

  • Choices and behaviour

  • Money and rent

  • Practical life skills


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