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Rafah Recruitment Agency provides experts who are tailored to suit your needs. All our Healthcare workers are vaccinated and are regularly tested to comply with health and safety regulations. 

Services we offer:

Palliative care:
Providing only the highest level of care whilst maximizing comfort and quality.

Live-in Care:
Giving loved ones round-the-clock support & care, from the comfort of their own homes.

Post-discharge care:

Specialist support and care for individuals returning home after a hospital visit.

Respite care:
Our professional carers are highly experienced in their respective fields and can help in any way you require.

Dementia Care:
Enabling dementia patients to remain in their own homes for as long as possible with quality and specialist care.

Private nursing:
H&B Clover nurses can support a wide range of medicinal and healthcare needs.


Our Care workers can provide a range of services from simple assistance around the home to medicinal assitance. 

This includes (but not limited to): 

  • Household help 

  • Personal care and hygiene 

  • Medication prompting 

  • Companionship and personal assistance 

  • Specialist care 

  • Private nursing 

  • Medicinal visit

We save you money. Our rates start from a small fee of £12.00 per hour

If you are in need of an amazing healthcare worker, we have you covered! Simply tell us the position you are looking to fill, candidate requirements and the length of contract. We will be happy to handle your requests. 

Call us on: 020 7175 3934 


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