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You are

  • Comitted to the sucess and growth of the kitchen. 

  • Creative in the culinary arts. 

  • A strong leader. 

  • A mentor to the team. 


Some duties include

  • Preparing the food for cooking.

  • Reviewing the menu and doing inventory.

  • Monitoring food production, food and staff costs.

  • Managing relationships with distributors and resolving any issues with vendors, promptly and efficiently. 

  • Maintaining a clean and safe kitchen and ensuring sanitation practices in the kitchen.​

Qualifications and experience

  • Five GCSEs (grades A*- C), or equivalent. (Essential)

  • Proven experience working in the kitchen environment. (Essential)

  • Ability to work well under pressure and time constraints.

  • Knowledge of different varieties of foods and ingredients.

  • A high level of communication skills.

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